Abdouylaye Sylla - Memorial Fund

Helping his family is the best way people who loved Abdoulaye can honor him.
— Laurie Sylla


The Abdoulaye Sylla Memorial Fund has been established to meet the basic survival needs of Abdoulaye’s family and closest friends in Guinea. His support of them in his lifetime was of vital importance and we have established this fund to continue his legacy. 

Funds are primarily used for food, schooling fees, medical care, transportation, electricity, water and housing.

Donated funds assist Abdoulaye’s mother, three of his brothers, two of his sisters, his oldest daughter, granddaughter, the birth mother of his children, numerous nieces, nephews, and other extended family members in Guinea who still look to us the US for help and support.  

There are around two dozen people, mostly children, living in the Sylla home in Kobayah at any given time. Abdoulaye’s mother has a small kiosk where she cells nuts, candy, and small items; the children’s mother has a market stall where she sells material.  

The family was provided with a freezer in order to sell bags of cold water and frozen ginger candy, but these sales are not enough to meet their needs.

His youngest brother has a small performing company, and although his other brothers are tradesmen and his daughter university-educated, there is no work.

*More than 60 percent of college educated people in Guinea are estimated to be unemployed*

Taking care of his loved ones in Guinea was always the number one priority for Abdoylaye.

Helping his family is the best way people who loved Abdoulaye can honor him.

$200 pays for one year of school for a child's
fees/uniform/school supplies

$100 pays for a clinic visit

$40 pays for 100 pounds of rice

$30 / month pays for five children to attend
 after-school tutoring 

$20 pays for an entire household's daily meals

Direct your Guinea Exchange donation to the Abdoulaye Sylla Memorial Fund

In Paypal's “review your donation screen” click on the “Designate your program here (optional) line and write in Abdoulaye.