Academic Scholarships

Guinea Exchange currently provides 10 scholarships for students to attend elementary school in Conakry. 

They receive everything needed to excel: books, backpacks, shoes, school supplies, uniforms, breakfast and an afternoon snack. 

Our students kick off the new school year with a month long revision in September and are supported throughout the school year with an after school tutoring program.



The workload for families in Guinea is immense.  Leaving home and housework to go to school is would normally be out of reach for many of these kids.  In Guinea,

  • 40% of school-age children are out of school
  • Youth literacy rates are terribly low: 37.6 percent for boys and 21.8 percent for girls aged 15-24. 

Many of the children in this program are the first to receive a formal education in their family.


With just $20 a month you can give one child the precious opportunity of going to school and bettering their future.

$20 a month includes their tuition, supplies, tutoring and meals.

A generous donation of $220 sends a child to school for an entire year. 

Anything helps, everything is appreciated.


Before the students started school, their only role was to help around the house.  Now 100% of our sponsored students have learned to read and write. They all succeed in their classes thanks to continued tutoring, funded by our generous donors.

Studies show that for every year a child attends school their earning power grows by 10%. 

These kids not only feel a sense of purpose in life but will also pass down the value of their education to their siblings, children and even parents.