"we encourage communities by Supporting locals' ingenuity and innovation "  - Kelly Ann Brown, Founder

In 2015, our donors funded a micro loan to build a Bakery in the very remote village of Dembayara.

In March 2018, graduates from the Guinea Exchange sewing school opened a new women's Tailoring Cooperative in the capital city of Conakry.

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In a country of over 12 million, 47% of Guineans live in poverty. Young women rarely earn money, and when they do it is mostly thanks to informal jobs. They sell fruit, candy, or other merchandise in the streets, amidst heavy traffic, earning hardly more than the equivalent of five dollars a day. 

Women in Guinea are often in charge of domestic tasks or selling goods at the market, but rarely receive training in a professional field. A 2015 study by the FGE found that one of the main reasons that women did not work was because they were already dedicating 82 hours a week to housework, childcare, and fetching water.



For just $45/month, you can give a young girl the opportunity to learn a valuable trade that will set her up for a stable and successful future. 

$445 starts a new student, with a new sewing machine and a year of sewing supplies.

Scholarship donations cover supplies, daily meals, and tuition, plus salaries for a handful of superb and highly qualified tailors and educators'.

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Before this opportunity to attend our vocational program, these girls stayed home to assist their families. They didn't learn how to read or write and weren't making an income.

These girls are now literate and have a profession. They get the satisfaction of working, becoming a professional tailor, and earning a living for themselves and their families. Having a source of income through a trade is extremely valuable to a Guinean woman.   The income she makes will help cover her family's living expenses - food, rent, medicine. When girls are employed  they interrupt the cycle of poverty.