Bakery of Dembayara

This community bakery is a sustainable economic program designed and implemented by Guineans to serve the needs of their communities in the region of Dembayara, Guinea West Africa. 

In December of 2015, Guinea Exchange raised over $10,000 to cover the cost of fabricating the oven, constructing the building, creating a home for the baker and providing initial setup supplies. 

This bakery has already begun to sustain itself and its community, providing food for dozens of neighboring villages.  It is assisting with food scarcity in some of the hardest to reach communities in the country especially during the rainy season. 

The bakery of Dembayara is not only creating jobs, it also is paying back a micro loan in monthly increments and donating profits to the Dembayara Clinic.  

Loan proceeds will be held on reserve by Guinea Exchange to fund future micro-finance projects in the region of Dembayara. 

In this way, your donation dollars continue to support this community as the bakery succeeds.

The Guinean people are resourceful, creative and hard working.  They just need assistance to put their ingenuity into motion.

The Bakery of Dembayara is a perfect example of that ingenuity. 

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Updates for January 2016 — Land has been cleared and the brick oven for the bakery has been completed and installed.