About Guinea Exchange

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This 501c3 non-profit organization was started in 2013 by an American woman who traveled to Guinea to learn traditional Guinean drumming and dancing. The education was much more than music and dance; by western standards, this African nation is unimaginably poor, but when measured by the openness of the heart, Guineans are rich beyond measure. Where we value economic and material wealth, Guineans value family, culture, work, love of their neighbor and unbridled sharing.

The founder of Guinea Exchange was compelled to give back to the people that had given so much, in music and in love.  She saw an opportunity to support the dreams of many Africans - a dream we believe everyone in the world shares - to live a healthy and creative life.

Our Missions



To provide Guineans the opportunity to improve their lives by learning a trade, going to school, or accessing basic health services.



To share Guinean culture with American communities.